10 Secrete Benefit Of Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana: Possession of marijuana is illegal under federal law in some countries. Medical marijuana refers to the use of marijuana to treat certain conditions.
While in our country has opened the possibility of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, this afternoon there will be a march to promote the bill that could give a quality of life to thousands of patients with extremely painful diseases. In this note, we will explain to you what diseases could be applied and other benefits.
In addition, a new marijuana treatment could be used to treat the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that many children and adults suffer. Since the lack of dopamine in patients suffering from this disorder can be counteracted with the use of the drug.
For what conditions can it serve?
This includes different types of chronic pain, including pain from nerve injuries.
Control nausea and vomiting.
Make a person feel like eating. This helps people who do not eat enough and lose weight due to other diseases, such as HIV / AIDS and cancer.
Some small studies show that marijuana may relieve symptoms in people who have:
Multiple sclerosis
Crohn’s disease
Inflammatory bowel disease
How do people get medical marijuana?
In states where medical marijuana is legal, a written statement from your health care provider is required to obtain it. The document should explain that you need it to treat a condition or to relieve side effects. Your name will be included in a list that allows you to buy marijuana from an authorized vendor. You can also buy medical marijuana from Ganjawalk Dispensary.
These are the benefits of Marijuana Oil: Although it is true that its consumption has been overcrowded due to the fear of its addictive effects, since antiquity the cannabis plant has been used in various medicinal treatments and through various scientific investigations its curative properties have been proven.
Today  explain 10 benefits of using marijuana for health :

  1. Calm chronic pains: Marijuana works as an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory, which has been used successfully to treat cases such as rheumatoid arthritis, but only to relieve pain because it has not been proven to help cure the problem.


  1. Glaucoma: The medical use of cannabis helps to reduce intraocular pressure in eyes with glaucoma, reducing the risks of presenting some damage to the optic nerve.


  1. To treat migraines: A study in California published in The Journal of Neuroscience confirmed the positive results of using marijuana as a treatment in patients with migraines and the side effects are minimal unlike the use of pills.


  1. Epilepsia: According to studies carried out by the Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center of the University of New York, an extract of this drug helps to reduce seizures in children and young people who do not usually respond to other treatments, allowing to relax the muscles and treat seizures in a safe way.


  1. Relieves nausea: According to a study conducted by the Columbia Britannic Compassion Club Society, more than 90% of women who participated in the research responded positively to combat acute nausea and vomiting in pregnancy with cannabis. In the same way, marijuana is used to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy.


  1. Stimulates the appetite: Smoking medical marijuana helps to whet your appetite and helps HIV patients to increase their food intake and who can gain weight. Similarly, it is also advised in people suffering from anorexia.


  1. Anticancer effect: Although many believed that marijuana causes cancer, the application of cannabis as a treatment has shown the opposite and even helps to stop the development of tumors and carcinogenic conditions.


  1. Asthmatic bronchitis: Medical marijuana has been shown to be a dilator of the bronchi, allowing more oxygen to pass through them. To others, it would have a more prolonged effect, unlike the inhalers.


  1. Calm anxiety :

Cannabis helps to relax muscles and can be used to treat cases of anxiety and nervousness. It can even help fight insomnia.

  1. Prevents Alzheimer:

Although there is no cure for Alzheimer, medicines such as cannabis can help stop its development. It also serves to prevent various neurodegenerative diseases.
The leaves and sprouts of marijuana contain substances known as cannabinoids. THC is a cannabinoid that can affect the brain and change your mood or your consciousness.
Sometimes this makes the effects of medical marijuana difficult to predict or control. The effects may also vary depending on whether it is smoked or eaten.

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